This page is dedicated to those individuals who have words of encouragement, appreciation and support to share with the community and the BCA.

First I want to thank all BCA for the great event on last Saturday. You find my notes that I wrote and I said it when I saw you standing there with your family as a great leaders, they thank people and forget about themselves.

I want to thank all the community builders, Sponsors, Volunteers, and community members for the hard work and collaboration to bring the community together and make this kind of such events happen. You deserve  all this awards and certificates. It comes after a very hard work.

My special thanks to Zarrar Ahmed, Rehana Naseem and their kids Ameera and Asad. They inspire me all the time. I used to be BCA’s member in 2010. At that time we tried to find our way to make it more bigger and stronger. After a while I moved out of the community and now when I came back this year I found BCA a strong association with big expectations. 

I asked Zarrar are you still volunteering with the smile he answered me ( yes, and we try all of us to keep BCA up).  A big thanks and hands to them please.

Hanan Eisa Masaed
Accora Village Resident