Today I’m pleased and proud to announce the Winter End Festival under BCA leadership, as the FIRST ever celebration in the City at Accora Village to say good bye to winter with colors and joy. Also, few more steps have been taken for the FIRST time by BCA. First time celebrating the winter end with graffiti, not on the walls but on snow – snow graffiti. This unique idea was proposed by our youth director, Mohammad Asad Ahmed who is also a pioneer in reshaping the rink after the storm last Thursday, into 5 sections to play different games in the day of the event, which proved to be a great success. Last but not least, for the first time ever parents were involved in games with their kids on BCA platform, a huge step towards outreaching to adults and their kids.

Now, on behalf of BCA, I extend my gratitude and thanks to Mr. Ward Cosman, Portfolio Manager, Seasonal Recreation – City of Ottawa and Mr. Stuart Grant, Recreation Supervisor – City of Ottawa for their presence to grace BCA’s event today. Next, I thank the City of Ottawa, our partners, and supporters who support us carrying out ice rink project successfully. I will specially mention Mr Denis Pelletier, GM Bayshore Mall who pledged to donate $800 towards the snow-blower purchase. They have always been a great supporter to BCA, to move ahead smoothly in their community programs. Thanks a lot once again Denis!
We would also like to thank Mark Taylor for helping us in printing out the winter end festival flyers, Mr Jeff Gervais and Donna Bekkers for distributing festival flyers in their schools, a great help for the community.

Thanks to all the dedicated volunteers, without whom this event would not have been easy to manage and our hard working and dedicated BCA members who maintained the rink and made this event possible and turn the table of unfavourable weather and heavy snow into a huge success. But most of all, BCA would like to thank all of you, the great Accora Village community for coming out in large numbers today to enjoy the winter end festival.

BCA will continue holding such events year round and will bring new ideas with your cooperation ad acknowledgement. For more information of other upcoming events, check out the calendar tab under more and events tab.

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