Chairman Meets Ottawa Royals (Former Nepean City Storms)

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August 23, 2014

10 am – 12 noon  Bike Safety Rodeo:

Successful event from 10-12.  City Official and BCA welcome a wonderful turnout of kids who were trained to drive bike safely and were briefed about the importance of using helmets. The City distributed Bubble bottles at the end of the program.

12 noon – 2 pm   Accora Village BBQ

Accora Village Grand BBQ. Community had lots of fun with food, lemonade and free gifts.

2 pm -4 pm NCSC Fun Fest

BCA Chairman was invited to visit the fest.  The Chairman met the NCSC executive team members and found it very interesting and promising for the Future of BCA and NCSC partnership. At the end the GM Graeme briefed the Chairman about the Soccer future for kids in Accora Village.

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