BCA Elections 2012

Bayshore Community Association Elections 2012

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The Bay Ward is a fast growing multicultural community mostly populated by immigrant settlers . You can see the blend of cultures in a decent and harmonize way.

BCA formed more than 20 years before and since then its function has been dedicated towards the community. The new team elected last year under the chairmanship of resident Zarrar Ahmed has shown marvellous achievement in the community work. This year the election has taken place on Wednesday 20th June 2012. in the field house of Bayshore Park. A large number of residents arrived to attend elections.

Hani Saad started the program with opening speech and briefing about BCA and Pace Car program. The new members got their questions answered and a clear idea about the nature of the BCA and Pace Car Program.

The Chairman delivered an impressive speech on their community work and their projects that comprises of successfully completed, ongoing and Future projects. He also explain their mission and vision of the association. He emphasized the importance of the role of the youth in the community and care for the seniors.

The team acknowledged his efforts and dedication and he won the election with a 100% vote.

The Executive team was nominated and the appointed team is Hani Saad – Co-Chairman, Shan Haroon – Finance Director, Samar Tabbara – Marketing Director, M. Asad Ahmed – Youth Director, Dr. Nawaz – HSE Director

At the end Shan presented the financial Report that depicted for the first time in the history of the BCA; a Balanced Budget. The members were very happy and satisfied of the spending and achievements this past year.

We hope that under the leadership of Mr. Zarrar, the community and environment will enter into new Era of productive change.

Bayshore Community is looking forward for new roles.

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