About Us


BCA has been serving residents for over a decade. Our roots run deep as a social and cultural service provider and we have come a long way over the years. We are doing our part to help make an environmental difference for the kids of today and for future generations to come.

Everything you need for your social and cultural well-being is available at BCA.

You are not just a resident — you are a member, a neighbor, and a friend. We enjoy getting to know you and we really love helping you finds solutions to your problems. We are here to help you find a smartest way to make your expertise work for you.

As a BCA member, you are also an owner. That means we are accountable to you and work hard everyday to bring you the new information and programs you need. Being a member also means you have a voice in what your association does and the way we operate, ultimately being part of many upcoming summer activities/events and taking part in the decision making process.

We are strengthening our community through partnerships with local non-profits, organizations and support from business owners, service providers and the city of Ottawa.

BCA offers a full-range of Social and Cultural information and Services you would expect from an association, all with the commitment to supporting the well-being of our Bayshore Residents.

To become a member and part owner of your community association, please come forward and join hands with us at any of our monthly meetings, held every third Tuesday of the month.


Currently, due to the enthusiasm of the members we are focused on creating affordable sporting programs. These coaching programs are designed to enable our youth to channel their energy towards positive athletics and develop them as professional players in the long run. 

Currently we have Summer Soccer Coaching that has been succeseful for the past 3 seasons and we now are moving into our fouth season this summer.

Look forward to the BCA Progressive Basketball Training and Coaching infosessions this winter and the program is set to begin next summer.

We are extending our hands to all community residents; if you know of an activity or program that would benefit the community dont hesistate to leave a message and let us know.

Also if you know someone or you yourself have a specific set of skills and experience that you would like to share with the community then we can help you do so. (ie, Gardening tips, Mechanic tips, etc)

You can do so by clicking the CONTACT tab on the website.

“Encouraging a Sense of Community”Bayshore Community Association